Why are dogs good at hunting?

When we hunt with our dogs, we are taking part in a companionship that has gone on for thousands upon thousands of years.

Since the very beginning of mankind, dogs and humans have been one with each other. While the relationship wasn’t nearly as dependent as it is today, there has always been a strong bond between the two species.

Back in the days of the cavemen, dogs and humans would both scavenge for food. They would rely on one another to catch their prey and then share in the bounty.

The human would use their tools and vision in order to scout out the prey, while the dog would use its nimbleness to chase the prey down.

This same type of relationship between dog and human has persisted through many centuries – including the evolution of various types of weapons.

Whether it be a bow and crossbow, a simple rabbit trap, guns, or even war-machines, dogs have always been right by humans’ sides while humans hunted for their prey.

Part of the relationship depends upon the dog’s skilled ability to read a human’s body language and respond to little cues that humans wouldn’t normally pick up on.

Think about when you’re sick at home. Your dog instinctively knows that you’re not feeling well and will go up to you and cuddle with you.

Animals just know!

This is why they’re so good at being hunting companions. They know the moves that you want them to make without needing to verbally communicate the commands.

This is why humans and dogs are such good hunting partners.