Expanded Terrain

Know what dogs can do that you can’t? They can go across nearly every terrain imagineable.

Have a patch of shrubs that are too thick for you to go through?

Your dog can do it no problem.

Have a steep ridge that doesn’t look like it can support your weight?

Your dog can do it no problem.

Have a muddy area that would take you way too long to get across?

Your dog can do it no problem.

In fact, in all of the above situations, it is often much safer for your dog to do all of the above.

So when you shoot a pheasant or a duck from afar and want to retrieve it, all you have to do is send your dog to get your prize. If you don’t have a hunting dog with you, then you’re either going to have to try and retrieve it yourself, or you’re going to have to give up your prize.

That’s the last thing we want to do – give up our prize. This would mean that you killed an animal for absolutely no reason.

As responsible hunters, we only hunt animals that we intend to eat. Otherwise that is just senseless killing.