Dogs and Humans Bond with Nature

Both dogs and humans bond when they’re exposed to the elements of nature. It’s something about the fresh air that makes the two species collide and almost become one. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but you get the point.

Being outside and hunting for a common goal is one way that the two species bond together. It’s much like if you and your best friend go on a camping trip together, or if you and your office-mate go out for drinks after work.

There’s a sense of camaraderie that occurs when two beings are united towards a common goal.

In addition, both you and your dog are going to be getting a great amount of exercise together. Exercising together has been known to be one of the greatest means of facilitating camaraderie.

In fact, you’ll also be promoting each others own personal well being, as going for exercise is much better for your dog than having it lie on its dog bed or being stuck in its dog playpen. However, this isn’t meant to understate the importance of a dog playpen. In fact, we encourage all of our members to have a dog playpen at home. Why? Because it teaches a dog how to stay within one place for an extended period of time. This is extremely beneficial when you’re out hunting with your dog in the wild.

We really love to recommend that our members play with their dog in the dog playpen. But playtime in the dog pen should be more sit/stay than anything else. Remember, we want the dog to learn how to be comfortable with the hunt when in their dog playpen. Dog playpens serve many other purposes too! In fact, we have several puppy pens at the lodge for when we have parties! Sometimes the dogs get way too riled up and we need to put them in a dog playpen to prevent injuries.

Dogs are also known to bond with humans when they’re playing amongst other woodland creatures. This may sound dumb and irrational, but it’s true in the sense that there are many other creatures besides dogs that bond with humans.

Rabbits, for example, also bond with humans. When dogs and humans are out in the woods, the dogs see rabbits not only as food, but also as competition. The dogs do not want the rabbits to be stealing their human’s attention from them.